• Non-Profits

  • The Greater McLean Chamber of Commerce proudly offers numerous programs and initiatives designed to help local non-profits learn, grow, and connect. The Chamber has also developed strategic community partnerships with important players in the non-profit arena--organizations such as the Washington Business Journal, the Center for Non-Profit Advancement, and many others. 

    The Chamber also offers numerous education opportunities designed specifically for non-profit organizations. Our Non-Profit Education Series examines issues and topics of interest to those in the non-profit community, or those doing business with these organizations. There is no cost to attend these events.

    Additionally, the McLean Chamber and Gannet also hosts the annual Gannett Non-Profit Forum. Designed to provide non-profit professionals with the necessary tools to become more efficient and creative in today’s economy, the Greater McLean Chamber of Commerce Annual Non-Profit Forum features keynote speakers and learning opportunities throughout the day.

    The Chamber also publishes a monthly non-profit newsletter, Corporate Social Responsibility -- Ways for You to Give Back to Your Community. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, or if you have content you'd like us to include in an upcoming edition of the newsletter, please contact Bethany Nguyen.

  • Non-Profit Resources

    The United Way of the National Capital Area is committed to helping its nonprofit members strengthen their organization, build capacity and achieve greater impact in our community. To this end, they have created the Nonprofit Learning Series. Throughout the year they will be presenting valuable training sessions on a host of topics designed to help nonprofits become more effective, efficient and sustainable. To view a complete schedule of these events, click here

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