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  • About the Greater McLean Chamber of Commerce

    Ranked as one of the Top 20 Chambers in the Metropolitan Region, the Greater McLean Chamber of Commerce enhances the local business community by giving professionals an opportunity to get connected. The organization received the Fairfax County Office of Public Private Partnerships' 2011 Chamber of Commerce Commumity Connector Award.

    Brief History

    The Greater McLean Chamber of Commerce was formally chartered in 1994, after operating for 25  years as a business professional organization, to actively promote and enhance businesses in McLean, VA.


    To provide leadership and business development resources that assist businesses in strengthening the economic development and sustainability of the Greater McLean community. Each program developed will be able to support each of our core values of Education, Advocacy, and Collaboration with a strong focus on the impact.


    To create a sustainable business community by providing professional expertise and resources